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Rôni Shoes-Clothes Shop

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Hội An is a beautiful city in Vietnam where life is so calm, where the flow of time seems unlikely to replace and change the ancient atmosphere.  In 1999, UNESCO recognized Hoi An Ancient Town as the World Cultural Heritage, confirming the location and presence of the Hoi An Cultural Heritage in the Cultural Heritage Tract.



Roni Tailor - a family run shop with its very own in-house workshop established in 1993. More than 20-years running RONI Shoes and CLothes Shop is synonymous with high quality, friendly service and decent prices. It is completely locally owned and staffed, yet the products are made to international standards.





Having long time experience of tailoring with secret tips in hand cut and pay more attention to details, Roni create the finest bespoke Suit and Shoes at very reasonable price. All works are exclusively hand cut and hand made for your unique style and measurements.

Roni Tailor has professional salewoman having excellent traning in stylist, good english and good eyes in fashion  working closely with customers to persionalize their dream suit matching with shoes. Roni also have a large collection of fabric from cottons, linens, superfine wool, Cashmere Wool. Besides, there is also an array of 100% leather finely-crafted handbags, wallets, purses and jackets to choose from.





Roni is always striving to improve and create new products. Their range has broadened over the years beyond shoes and they have is well regarded for other products too. Their custom-made Suits, Shirts, Tuxedos, Overcoat, leather jackets, bags, purses and wallets are as peerless in quality as her shoes. Testament to this fact are the many return customers they have from abroad . A visit to Shoe & Clothes Shop RONI will not dissappointed you as Roni team ensure every customer is satisfied – if not, they provide a money back guarantee 






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ADD: No 60, 18 Thang 8 Street - TP.Hội An

Tel : 0935716163 - 0342915691

Email : [email protected]