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Simon The Tailor was officially established in 1990 by grandmother of Mr. Thai Bui – called Simon, who set up and run this custom-tailored family business for tourism in Hoi An. With a commitment to family values, long experience of tailoring, exceptional quality and superior fabric, Simon create masterpieces for client and get high trust to be listed on the best tailor in Hoi An. Many travellers choose us getting perfect fit and friendly service. Simon is proud of being listed on Hoi An Tailor on Tripadvisor

Let’s come to Simon The Tailor for high-end bespoke tailoring





SIMON The Tailor






Add: 12A Phan Dinh Phung Street - Hoi An Town - Vietnam


Email : [email protected]


SIMON The Tailor prides itself on the professionalism of it’s team of highly skilled tailors. The tailoring process used is manual, and executed with high degree of accuracy and perfection. This results in the completion of even the very complex of garments within a short period of time to the satisfaction of the most demanding of customers.                               



Each one of the three teams of tailors, supervised by a main tailor, specialize in a particular type of garment. This ensures that after the first fitting, any necessary alterations are redirected back to the original team, thus ensuring prompt continuity for completion of that garment.


Over 20 years SIMON The Tailor has ensured that knowledge has been gained of the requirements and tastes of our customers from all corners of the world. The university training of our staffs in languages and fashion means that they will proffessionally consult with you about your thoughts and ideas, together achieving a perfect finished product.


SIMON The Tailor is located on 12A Phan Dinh Phung Street Hoi An, the main road within Hoi An Ancient Town. This beautiful town is famed for its shops, restaurants and World Heritage Sites.


The Tailor In Hoi An - SIMON The Tailor 

Add: 12A Phan Dinh Phung Street - Hoi An Town - Vietnam 

Email : [email protected] 


  Tel: 0935 021431 - 0935716163